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Alternative Medicine in a Pain Killer Epidemic

Alternative Medicine in a Pain Killer Epidemic

Living with persistent pain is a daily challenge and is one that colors every aspect of an individual's life. Seeking relief from that pain is important, as relief can allow a person to get back to living life unencumbered by near-constant discomfort and accompanying stress. Patients have a wide variety of options when it comes to pain management, and it can be difficult to know which path to choose. The team at Superior Healthcare Physical Medicine would like to offer the following information in the hopes of helping patients choose a pain relief option that can eliminate discomfort, improve overall health and avoid one of the biggest negative effects facing the medical community at large: addiction to prescription pain medications.

A Growing Problem

It is estimated that 22,000 people die from misuse of opioid medications each year. That is 60 deaths every single day. Many of these individuals were not drug abusers when they began taking these prescriptions. They were simply following their doctor's orders. Opioids are serious substances, however, with incredibly strong addictive properties. That is why we see addiction problems across all walks of life, and among individuals who have never struggled with any other type of addiction. 

Are Opioids Always a Poor Choice?

It should be noted that there are certain circumstances under which opioid medications are effective and are a proper treatment option. The issue arises when these powerful drugs are improperly prescribed when there are safer options that can be just as effective in treating pain. All too often, patients continue to take opioid medications long after the need to do so has passed. That can also lead to addiction, which can evolve into a problem that surpasses the pain that started the cycle. 

All too often, patients continue to take opioid medications long after the need to do so has passed. That can also lead to addiction, which can evolve into a problem that surpasses the pain that started the cycle.

What are the Alternatives to Opioid Pain Killers?

When looking for alternative pain relief options, it is essential to evaluate the source of the pain. In many cases, patients are suffering from conditions that can be improved by chiropractic care, without the need for invasive medical interventions or drug therapies. Chiropractic care is the preferred pain relief path for millions of Americans and is a viable option that should be considered.  

Treat the Underlying Condition, Don't Just Mask the Pain

One of the biggest criticisms of the opioid overprescription epidemic is that these medications may be effective at masking the pain a patient is experiencing, but do nothing to address the underlying condition. To achieve lasting, non-drug pain relief, the problem that is causing discomfort must be addressed. That is the primary focus of chiropractic care; preserving optimal function by ensuring that the body is in proper alignment and functioning in top form. When that outcome is achieved, there is no need to turn to opioid prescriptions for pain relief, and no need to fear drug addiction that might result. 

At Superior Healthcare Physical Medicine, we offer comprehensive care for a wide variety of physical problems. We can treat patients of all ages, and offer a drug-free option for relieving pain and improving overall wellness. 

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